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About Us:

AAA Logistics was founded in  2005 as a global forwarding and logistics service provider. In the process,It has continuously been self-demanding and grown steadily. With an extensive network,AAA Logistics’ service are  covering Warehousing/domestic delivery/cargo consolidation/ocean freight/airfreight/cross-border trucking and a full range of logistics services.

Changing makes Difference. AAA logistics are focusing on your business needs,goals,and priorities.Its competitive strategy is to provide flexible, reliable, responsive and efficient solutions.it is much more than getting a piece of freight from one point to another. We are not only fast and reliable, but we take great care of the items which are entrusted to us, treating them as our own.


What we offer:

  • Warehousing network service

    We can provide for your warehousing needs. When you need to provide first-class warehouse service to your accounts,Our warehouse network can stack the odds in your favor:Provide  you the location, experience and flexibility to handle your specific needs.

  • Trucking network service

    Trucks and tractors are equipped with Global Positioning System.  We control where and when to pick up and deliver cargo.  The system is especially designed for fulfilling the requirements of time-definite delivery. On land, we pick up right where we left off. Whether it's at the point of origin for consolidated vendor shipments or at the ultimate destination for direct transmission to customers, our trucks deliver your cargoes as promised- reliably, safety and on time.

  • Air freight/Ocean freight service

    For ocean freight, we have completely diversified and efficient solutions at unbeatable price in coping with different demands.Same like air freight, we offered play a proven role accredited in logistics industry and play an important part in supple chain operation.


  • Import/Export customs clearance service

    Custom formalities service

    Bonded warehouses

    Specific documents

    VAT and custom warehouse


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